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How To Develop Your Own Games?

What is Construct 2 and How to Get Started!


Construct 2 LogoStart creating your own video games without having any prior experience in programming or game creation. This complete course is designed for the absolute beginners and those who wants to start creating their own video games as fast as possible.

Construct 2 is a cross-platform game creation system/engine developed by (Scirra Ltd) that won the 1st Annual International Best Game Creator Award 2014. This engine allows anyone to create games easily and publish them on multiple platforms without writing a single line of code.

Nothing now can stop you from building and selling your own video games on several platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, Web (HTML5), Facebook Apps and much more. All you need to do is to watch our complete Construct 2 video tutorials.


Course Overview


In this course, we will teach you how to create an advanced platformer game from scratch. The course comes with complete detailed manuals, resources and workshop files. Everything you need to create your first game is included. No previous experience is required.


Course Contents


– 19 High Quality (HD) Video Tutorials on Construct 2.

– Complete Detailed Written Manuals of the Lessons.

– Complete Workshop Files and Resources.

Main Features and Benefits


Build Your Own Games


Publish On Multiple Platforms


Easy and Fast to Learn


Perfect For Beginners


Highly Affordable


Lifetime Support and Updates

Game Development Skills

What You Will Learn From This Platformer Game Course?

– Adding Parallax and Animation

– Creating Objects with Basic AI

– Tracking Objects and Finding Paths

– Creating and Adjusting New Effects

– Shooting and Spawning Objects

– Adding Scores and Energies

– Mastering the Use of Variables and Instance Variables

– Defining Logical Statements and Grouping Events

– Adding Music and Sound Effects

– Creating and Adding New Levels

– Adding Load and Save Features to Your Game

– Creating Buttons, Menus and Title Screens

– Testing and Publishing Your Game on Multiple Platforms

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