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Step 1: Send us your game files/details in order to check it up.



Submit Video Game


Step 2: We’ll review/test your game and approve it depending whether it match our quality metrics or not. We will inform you though either way.
Approve Your Game



Step 3: Once your game is approved, we will create for you a professional sales page and feature your game.
Video Game Sales Page


Step 4: If your game got a high review score during our evaluation session, we will create for it a special promotional video and feature it in our YouTube channel.
YouTube Marketing for Video Games



Step 5: We will promote your game for free and improve its rankings as long as your sales page is hosted at our website.
Video Game Marketing

10 Unique Benefits



  • Keep 100% of the Profits and Sales
  • Free Submission and Listing
  • Free Professional Sales Page
  • Free Publishing and Hosting
  • Free YouTube Marketing
  • Free Social Marketing
  • Free Internet Marketing for Your Sales Page
  • Free Professional Game Review and Suggestions Report
  • Free Technical Support
  • All Video Game Consoles are Accepted

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Q1). Is it possible to feature my game for free instead of selling it?

Yes, absolutely! We tend even to favor free games over paid ones.


​Q2). Do you accept all submissions?

No, we don’t accept all submissions of course. Your game has to be of good quality, properly tested and without clear bugs. Our team will check your game after submission before accepting it.

Since the beginning of November 2015, we stopped accepting low quality submissions and we started focusing solely on medium-to-high quality indie games.


Q3). How much time does it take for my game to get reviewed after submission?

It takes between 2 to 4 weeks at most.


Q4). I have already submitted my game but i haven’t got any replies from your team till now! What does that mean?

If you didn’t get a reply within 2-to-4 weeks, then most probably your game got rejected already. We occasionally reply back with some feedback depending on how good your game is.


Q5). My game is published somewhere else, is it possible to publish it on ConstructG as well?

Yes, publishing with us does not restrict you from publishing anywhere else. The more you promote and submit your game around, the better it gets.

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