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Game Submission Requirements

You Need To Submit All Of The Following:

  • Your executable game file in order to check your game up. The source codes are not required.
  • One cover image for your game – Size: (298 x 236 px).
  • 6 properly adjusted images of the same size taken from your game.
  • A promotional video or trailer that is no longer than 5 minutes.
  • A unique description for your game.
  • If you are selling your game, you either need to have a proper decent website that accepts payments securely or you need to create a PayPal button.

Important Notes

Things To Consider Before Your Submission:

  1. Your game must be of high quality with proper graphics.
  2. You must own the full rights of your game. You are not allowed to submit games that does not belong to you.
  3. Your game must be working without any clear bugs or errors.
  4. Your game must not contain any malicious codes or viruses.
  5. Your game must have a unique name. Make sure the name of your game is not registered or taken by other companies or individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Resources and Help Center

Q1). How To Create A PayPal Account?

Creating a PayPal account is very easy. Check this guide for further information.


Q2). How To Create A PayPal Button?

Check this page to learn more about that.


Q3). How To Create A Cover Picture?

The cover picture can be created using any graphics program. A list can be found here.


Q4). How To Take Pictures Of My Game?

You can use a simple screen capture program like Greenshot.


Q5). Where To Upload My Game’s Files and Images?

Any active online server works. If you are looking for a free hosting service, we recommend MediaFire.


Q6). Where To Upload My Game’s Promotional Video?

We recommend uploading it to YouTube. Any active video hosting service would work as well.


Q7). What’s the recommended price to ask when selling my indie game?

We recommend a price tag that is less than $5 unless if your game is big and has high quality graphics or animations.


Q8). Is it possible to submit my game to other platforms in addition to ConstructG?

Yes, you are free to submit your game to any platform you like in addition to ConstructG.


Q9). How long does it take to review my game?

It takes between 2-to-4 weeks. If you didn’t get any replies from us within 4 weeks at most then your game has already been rejected. We only accept good quality games with proper gameplay, graphics and sounds.


Q10). How to contact you if i still have problems?

You can contact us from the “Contact Us” page.


Game Submission Form

Contact Details
First NameType your first name
Last NameType your family name
Company NameType your company name
CountryType your location
WebsiteType your website

Game Information
Creation DateGame's creation date
Game NameName your game
Game PlatformSelect one or more
Unique DescriptionDescribe your game in few words
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Further Details
Game's Download Link / FilesShow us your game
Trailer / Promotional VideoLink To Your Promotional Video
Cover Picture Of Your GameRecommended Size (298 x 236 px)
6 Pictures Of Your GameCompress and Upload Them In One File
Do You Want To Sell Your Game?Free or Paid?
If you are selling your game, you must either have a website that accepts secure payments or you must provide us with your Paypal button code.
Paypal Button Code [ OR ] Payment PageDefine your order page or your PayPal button code
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Notes / Comments / ResourcesIf you want to add more stuff, add them here
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